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20th of October

DoveLewis 2016 Fundraising Calendar

The clouds are rolling in, rain is beginning to fall and the daylight seems to be fading earlier and earlier; these signs can only mean one thing! It’s time for the unveiling of the DoveLewis 2016 Calendar. This years photo shoots were quite the challenge as our shoot days fell during that sweltering heat wave we all experienced back in late June and early July. But once again determination and dedication saw us all through and we had quite a bit of fun along the way. Come on in and see the winning shots along with a few outtakes too!
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1st of June

Deedle, Scout & Finn | Whole Pack of Cuteness

Peigi contacted me in March of this year with a very simple request. She wanted three close up portraits of her adorable black & white tuxedo cat named Deedle. He is getting up there in age and she wanted some stunning portraits that she could frame and have as a keepsake of his adorable feline self.
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Dog pro photo shoot in Vancouver, WA
20th of April

Jazz | Boxer and American Bulldog Mix

Back in February I donated a $350 gift certificate to a benefit for a young man in Vancover, WA who has been battling leukemia. I was happy to help raise funds for this nice young kid and was happy to meet the big winners…
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16th of April

Mud Bay | Timberland

On April 11 the FFP photo booth made an appearance at the grand opening event for a new Mud Bay for Healthy Cats and Dogs store in NW Portland.
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7th of January

Mud Bay | Grant Park Village

On December 14 the FFP photo booth made an appearance at the grand opening event for a new Mud Bay for Healthy Cats and Dogs store in Grant Park Village.
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10th of December

Holidays | Pop Up Photo Booth

We had a great time this year hosting our Pop-Up Holiday Photo Booth at Meat for Cats & Dogs this year. The event was spread over three days and we had more than a dozen families and well over twenty pets participate. Many new fur friends were met, several laughs were had and a whole bunch of holiday awesomeness came out of it all. Here are a few of the cards we created at this years photo booth.

Holiday Photo Booth | December 2014

Dog Holiday Cards | A Boy and his Dog

Dog Photographer | Portland Holiday Cards

Portland OR | Pet Holiday Cards

Dog Photography | Fur Family Photography

Michele Rider | Holiday Cards

A girl and her dog | Timeless

Doggie Makes Three | Family Christmas Cards

Cool Christmas Cards | Fur Family Photography

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27th of October

Bandit | Great Pyrenees Mix

Bandit is kinda beyond rad. This big ole beast seems to epitomize and exude the very essence of Zen. It is very hard to describe to those without the benefit of having met Bandit but I can assure you this dog is unique and qualitatively special.
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7th of October

Rosie | Old English Sheepdog

Rosie is an 11 month old Old English Sheepdog and we had some real fun photographing in North Portland. Her puppy exuberance really shines through in the photos. Her parents were with her and jumped in on some of the fun too.
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24th of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | The Best

May we present the final images for the 2015 DoveLewis Calendar. The calendar was officially released to the public on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at the 20th annual Dogtoberfest event. This calendar is an annual fundraising project to support DoveLewis who operates as the only non-profit emergency animal hospital in the greater Portland metro area. We here at FFP were honored to be chosen to provide the photography for the 2015 edition of the calendar. Come on in and check out the winning images…
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23rd of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | The Rest

With Dogtoberfest in the books and the 2015 DoveLewis Calendar officially launched it is time to share with you all the other images we created while working on the calendar this year. All of this years models were superb and a big THANK YOU to their humans for being great assistants during the photo shoots. The variety of animals I photographed is a testament to the fun loving nature of Portlanders and I look forward to hopefully doing it all again next year. ENJOY…
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