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15th of April

Dogs of Portland | Oil (pronounced Earl)

Day 15 of the Dogs of Portland blog finds us playing fetch with a pit bull mix that goes by the name of Earl, though it is spelled Oil. Southern folk it is said tend to pronounce Oil this way and the name fits it’s subject as Earl the pit bull has the demeanor of a good ole boy while being the slick color of oil.

He is a beautiful pit bull mix that loves to play fetch in the parkway that runs down the middle of N. Omaha Ave. in North Portland with his mom. He likes being able to simply run back to his house and lay down in the yard when he is plum tuckered out! And get a load of those muscles…WOAH!
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11th of April

Dogs of Portland | Alex

The end of week 3 of the Dogs of Portland blog took some effort to get completed today. I was out and about strolling and hunting for new dogs to meet and it took me a full hour before I even spotted a dog. This is very unprecedented for me, usually anytime I walk out the door it seems that there is a dog there, and one over there, and another one over in that yard. Luckily the guy I ran into was a very gregarious and very gorgeous Wheaten Terrier named Alex.

Two portraits of Alex the Wheaten Terrier. One is B&W and he is laying in the grass and mostly blends in. The other is color and he is turned and facing the camera
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10th of April

Dogs of Portland | Biggs

Today is laundry day and I have recently realized what a total rip off my apartment complexes laundry facilities are. I am spending on average $13 a week to do laundry for two people. In my opinion that is just too darn much. As a result I have been carting my laundry down to Alpine 24 Hour laundromat on Lombard St. at Vancouver. I get all my laundry done for under $10 plus it gets done much faster because it is all being washed and dried at the same time. It really is mostly enjoyable.

However, since I have begun a new vigorous workout schedule these days I find combining a 50 minute Jillian Michael’s workout followed up by two hours of washing, drying and folding laundry led me to feel a bit lethargic this afternoon. What does all this mean?

Biggs is my neighbor and a right proper model too! He posed so well for the camera and had no problem looking right into the lens. He was a real natural.
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9th of April

Dogs of Portland | Tabor

Another sunny Portland day is upon us so I grabbed my camera bag and out the door I went. Destination was about a mile from my front door, Peninsula Park on Ainsworth St. at Albina. If you are unaware I suggest you go check it out because their rose gardens are to die for. Of course they are just sprouting their leaves today but soon the entire front area of the park will be in full bloom and it is quite the site to see.

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8th of April

Dogs of Portland | Scout

Spring has officially sprung in Portland as temps finally climb into the lovely 70’s. When the sun is shining in Portland it’s best to get out and make the most of it so that is just what I did today. With my overdue library book stuffed into my camera bag off I went to stroll North Portland looking for dogs.

Scout sits patiently on his porch in a nice little spot of shade as he poses for this photograph. He is an adorable blond beagle who has recently gained senior status.
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4th of April

Dogs of Portland | Chewy

Day 9 took us into downtown Portland where we headed out to SW Morrison to see what was going down at the stadium. Members of the Timbers Army lined up early today to ensure that they have the best seats for tomorrows rivalry match against the Seattle Sounders.

Chewy is a goldendoodle we met outside Providence Park in Portland Oregon. He is the cutest little guy and here he is seen licking his lips.
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3rd of April

Dogs of Portland | Varg

Today we headed back to Arbor Lodge Park to meet up with this awesome black lab mix named Varg and his dad out playing ball. Delve into Day 8 of Dogs of Portland and find out how
healthy this dog likes to eat!

Not surprising that we found this adorable black lab mix playing ball in the park. Naturally it is what he was born to do and he loves it and is quite good at it too. He races off at light speed to get that sucker and brings it right back to dad’s feet and sits quietly waiting for the next throw. That is one well trained lab! Nice to meet you Varg and I hope you and your dad enjoy the images.

Varg the black lab mix is walking next to his dad through the park. He has his ball in his mouth while his dad bends down to give him a nice pat on the back for a job well done!
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2nd of April

Dogs of Portland | Josey, Paden + Darby

Day 7 takes us onto an active construction site where three working dogs were enjoying helping their dad’s get some work done. This crew was highly energetic, especially a young Boxer named Darby!

These three live and work together and you couldn’t hope to find a sweeter pack of beasts as these girls. Josey is the St. Bernard and she likes to keep the dirt down by lying all over it. Paden, the chocolate lab helps everyone stay on task while Darby is the greeter of the group. Anyone new comes along and Darby will be sure to let everyone know. Together they make quite a cute bunch and it was a real pleasure to meet and photograph then in Portland today.

This big ole beauty of a dog sits quietly and looks directly into the camera for her close up shots. She is very docile and a very sweet old girl!
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1st of April

Dogs of Portland | Manny

Day 6 found us out exploring right in our own backyard. Today’s installment of Dogs of Portland introduces us to a neighbor of ours, Manny! Manny and his human live across the street from the FFP studios and we thought it was high time to say hello to a friendly face.

Manny was on a bit of a time crunch when we headed out to take some photos but I think his personality and the beauty of those blue eyes of his really shows through. Rumor has it that he has a new puppy kicking around his place as well so hopefully we will get to meet Freddy in the very near future!

Manny was not an instant fan of the camera so some formal portraits were called for. Once he got warmed up though he couldn't keep that canine nose of out the lens!
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31st of March

Dogs of Portland | Otis

Welcome to Day 5 of our new blog project, Dogs of Portland. Today we went exploring along Killingsworth Ave. looking for new four legged friends to photograph. We stopped in at NoPo Paws and had a nice chat with Sarah, the owner.

Sarah talked about how slow the day was shaping up to be and she wasn’t sure if any customers would come in but she suggested I take a stroll down Omaha St. as lots of people walk their dogs there due to the unusually large grass median that runs all the way down the street. Sounded like a great plan to me so off I went. As I sauntered down the street keeping my eyes peeled I spotted an enormous beast of a dog running around being rambunctious and I knew that this dog was the one. Introducing our new friend Otis!

Otis is quite a large beast. Here he is seen sitting very stately between two ornate planters at the top of a short staircase. Portland Oregon Dog Photographer
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