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3rd of December

The Zak Pack | A Tale of Four Dogs

Meeting up to do a dog photography session with these four at the Columbia Childrens’ Arboretum in North Portland was quite the adventure in the making. Wrangling and shooting a whole pack like this was a new experience for me! Luckily, everyone was on their game and we ended up making some amazing images in the late summer evening golden light. Big thanks to their mom Leah for being an excellent assistant/dog wrangler as well. I literally couldn’t have succeeded without all of your help!

Toots the mutt is playing in the fields. His mom is positioned behind the camera and he looks our way in anticipation. He is in the classic play bow.
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2nd of November

Sunny | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sunny is one of the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! His moms wanted some photos of him post bath, and some photos of the family out and about. They were most interested in actions shots as opposed to Sunny sitting like a good girl. They fell in love with all the images and I fell in love with a breed of dog that I was previously unfamiliar with!

Sunny was given a bath right before I arrived for our photo shoot. He was so cute all wet and wrapped in his blanket like a burrito I just couldn't help but shoot.
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13th of October

Guapo the Bull Terrier and Oscar the Cat | Rockabilly Kids

These two have style, and while a lot of it has to do with the stylish nature of their humans they still hold their own. Guapo is just the sweetest Bull Terrier you ever will meet and he is a very handsome guy indeed! His brother Oscar the cat wasn’t scheduled to participate in the photo shoot but he saw the fun to be had and simply felt the need to be involved. Together they make a very adorable little Fur Family!


Guapo the Bull Terrier with his orange tabby cat brother, Oscar. Guapo is setting on a pink chair while Oscar is on the floor standing next to the footstool.
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26th of September

Niki | Chihuahua

Niki has some trust issues…

As a rescue dog, Niki has been there and done that. Thankfully saved and adopted by her very dedicated human she has learned to love her and only her. All other people, things, situations are highly suspicious and should be avoided. Hiding under the bed is her best bet.

Niki the Chihuahua 2 | © Fur Family Photography
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27th of August

Hank and Wally | Pit Bull and Daschund

These two were a real blast to hang out with. While Pit Bull Wally was quite skittish when it came to the camera, his sister, Daschund Hank was anything but. We spent awhile in their backyard playing and making images and in the end everyone was happy….and very, very tired! Pet modeling is not easy work after all.

Motion shot of Hank on her red bricked outdoor backyard patio. Her name tag that says Hank can be seen hanging from her collar.
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7th of August

Rupert and Mojo | Boston Terrier Brothers

Rupert & Mojo are six year old Boston Terrier brothers who really like to rip it up when they hit the local park. Squirrel chasing is just one amongst their favorite outdoor activities. Their dads wanted me to photograph and capture them together and show them participating in their favorite pastimes. Mission Accomplished!

Boston Terrier and Squirrels | © Fur Family Photography
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