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27th of October

Bandit | Great Pyrenees Mix

Bandit is kinda beyond rad. This big ole beast seems to epitomize and exude the very essence of Zen. It is very hard to describe to those without the benefit of having met Bandit but I can assure you this dog is unique and qualitatively special.
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7th of April

PAW Team | April Vet Clinic

Today we will be showcasing a local non-profit. PAW (Portland Animal Welfare) Team provides free vet clinics for homeless and very poor individuals and their Fur Family members. It is a cause that is near and dear to me, so come on in and say hello to some very adorable fur kids!

Let’s hear right from the horses mouth what PAW Team is all about! “The Portland Animal Welfare Team is a unique non-profit that helps both people and pets – we are a unique bridge between human welfare services and animal welfare services. By providing preventative veterinary care, exams, parasite control, and vital medications for the pets of people who are homeless or living in dire poverty, we help keep people and pets together. By providing pet supplies and prescription foods we enable the homeless and very poor to allocate their own limited resources toward their basic living expenses. We help prevent unwanted litters by connecting our clients to spay/neuter services. We help families get off the streets and into housing by providing vaccinations and licensing.”

Here are some of the beautiful people and pets that got some much needed attention yesterday.

An adorable pug in a pink harness awaits his vet visit at the April 2014 PAW Team vet clinic. The dogs eyes show very obvious cataracts.
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