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5th of September

Kitty Model 101 | My Fur Family

This is Ezzy and she is part of my personal Fur Family. My partner found her with her litter mates inside of a cardboard box being given away at the Farmers Market in Davis, CA. The litter had been discovered underneath an abandoned city building that was set for demolition. A kind family rescued and cared for them until they were ready to go to good homes. I am so thankful that she has come into our lives. Having just lost my best friend and constant companion Ki only months before she brought joy and happiness back to this animal lovers heart!

Cat Stalking Prey 2 | © Fur Family Photography

While I have been shifting my photographic focus towards photographing pets, Ezzy has been my go to model! It is challenging and always educational any time I photograph a feline, but with Ezzy the constant access allows for some great photographic opportunities. I look forward to making many, many images with my new best buddy.

Cat Stalking Prey | © Fur Family Photography

B&W image of kitten laid out on a bed. One paw is extended towards the camera. The cat is polydactyl, otherwise known as a Hemingway Cat.

Ezzy in the Garden | © Fur Family Photography

Up close portrait of my cat Ezzy. Her eyes and whiskers are in very crisp focus. Her whiskers appear to be huge!

The image on the right is when Ezzy was just four months old. The image on the left is taken a year later. You can see how big she has gotten in that time.

UPDATE: Ezzy has now been in our lives for over a year and she is the best cat I have ever met. We have trained her to wear a harness and walk on lead, which she does with great enthusiasm and wonder; I even taught her to play fetch. She has these wonderfully inexpensive sticks with catnip in them and she actually retrieves them and brings them back for me to throw again and again. She is a truly wonderful addition to our lives and to our family!

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