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27th of October

The Boys | Black Cat Brothers

These two brothers were most amenable to being photographed, and for cats that is saying a lot. They initially ran and hid, etc. but came around with just a little attention from me and their dad. I find that spending some time with the animals while the camera is still in the bag is the key to setting the tone for a shoot. Plus I just love giving love to any and all animals I come across!

One of the brothers is standing proudly in the middle of the living room while the other is creeping around by the back of the furniture. Rich, deep colors throughout

Black cat with white eyes laying on the back of a white couch on a white blanket. The image appears almost to be be b&w yet the green eyes scream color.

Two black cats who are brothers. One is laying quite languidly on the floor while the others sits by his side. They are both looking at their father off camera.

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