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22nd of November

Tim Tam and Agent Orange | Persians

Persian kitties have some of the most unique faces! These two little ones are no different. Tim Tam is the grey one and he was recently hit by a car but in three weeks is at almost 100%, though his right eye still bothers him a bit.

His brother Agent Orange was very taken in by the camera and simply would not stop following me around, licking me and the camera and meowing loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

They were both great sports and their beauty and uniqueness really shine through in these images!

Tim enjoys getting his feet dirty and in this case it means playing amongst the raised garden beds in his backyard. His beautiful orange eyes stand out nicely.


Two persian cats, one orange and named Agent Orange and one grey named Tim Tam. Both are sitting atop an orange table in their backyard. Tim has a bobble head look

UPDATE: Nov. 2013 Super cute Tim Tam was sadly hit by another car and killed. His moms live on a very busy street and while they do their best to keep the cats indoors sometimes they just slip out. A house that has four dogs in it after all has a lot of comings and goings. I was deeply saddened when I heard the news and I hope that these images of Tim bring some solace to the humans he has left behind.

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