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27th of October

Bandit | Great Pyrenees Mix

Bandit is kinda beyond rad. This big ole beast seems to epitomize and exude the very essence of Zen. It is very hard to describe to those without the benefit of having met Bandit but I can assure you this dog is unique and qualitatively special.

The circumstances surrounding Bandit finding his way in front of my lens is special too. Way back in December of 2013 FFP had the pleasure of donating some time, some photo services and a gift certificate to one of the finest non-profit I┬áhave come across, PAW Team in Portland. PAW Team provides free veterinarian services to Portland’s homeless and that is a mission FFP absolutely supports.

Check out PAW Team!


Bandits folks attended a fundraising benefit one fine December evening last year and low and behold they bid and won on the package containing FFP‘s $350 gift certificate that we had donated on behalf of PAW Team. At the time they had a faithful black lab, however, sadly he passed away a couple months later. A few months after that they happily stumbled upon Bandit at a Great Pyrenees Rescue facility and instantly fell in love.


It isn’t hard to see why. As I said earlier, there is something so Zen about this dog. His bulking form belies his gentle nature, as is often the case with big dogs. He reminded me in some very deep and meaningful ways of my chocolate lab, Ki. Just kinda perfect and most certainly at peace in this world.


Of course Bandit still loves to play! Once we entered the enclosed dog park area at Chimney Park did his social side really come out. While not to be trusted off leash, he still enjoys meeting new friends and getting his run on.


I had a delightful time meeting this dog, his people and creating some wonderful images together. Here is to hoping our paths are destined to cross once again Bandit!


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