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10th of April

Dogs of Portland | Biggs

Today is laundry day and I have recently realized what a total rip off my apartment complexes laundry facilities are. I am spending on average $13 a week to do laundry for two people. In my opinion that is just too darn much. As a result I have been carting my laundry down to Alpine 24 Hour laundromat on Lombard St. at Vancouver. I get all my laundry done for under $10 plus it gets done much faster because it is all being washed and dried at the same time. It really is mostly enjoyable.

However, since I have begun a new vigorous workout schedule these days I find combining a 50 minute Jillian Michael’s workout followed up by two hours of washing, drying and folding laundry led me to feel a bit lethargic this afternoon. What does all this mean?

Biggs is my neighbor and a right proper model too! He posed so well for the camera and had no problem looking right into the lens. He was a real natural.

Today we meet an adorable little doggie named Biggs and he lives in my apartment building. He was outside in the parking lot helping his mom clean her car so I took that as an opportunity to say hello to a neighbor.

NAME: Biggs
BREED: Chihuahua Min Pin Mix
FAV TREAT: Dried Duck Feet
FAV ACTIVITY: Long walks in the city or in the country as long as it takes endurance.
FAV NAPPING SPOT: Sheep skin rug on the bedroom floor that catches a nice pool of afternoon sunlight.

Biggs sits and poses on cement stairs and the other portrait shows Biggs in B&W sitting and cocking his head to the side listening to his mother give direction.

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