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26th of March

Dogs of Portland | Loomis + Penny

Welcome to Day 2 of our new blog series Dogs of Portland. Daily we will head out into the city to meet a new dog, photograph them and ask their humans to answer a couple of questions about their adorable Fur Family. Check back often to meet some of the most amazing citizens on four legs that Portland has to offer!

These two doggie BFF’s were out and about with their moms this morning and we ran across them playing ball together at Arbor Lodge Park. They were eager to be models for the day and for first timers I think they did themselves and their humans proud.

Yellow lab running through a lush, green park. The camera pans along with the actions so the background is nicely blurred while the dog is in crisp focus. Good motion

NAME: Loomis
BREED: Yellow Labrador Retriever
FAV TREAT: Peanut Butter or Ice
FAV ACTIVITY: Playing fetch and dancing with her humans
FAV NAPPING SPOT: She has her very own bed and sleeps peacefully next to her humans. She also loves curling up at their feet. What a good dog!

A beautiful adult male yellow lab playing in the park. One image sees him trotting through the grass while the other image shows him standing yet still and muscular.

very interesting mix breed dog plays in the park. Here she is looking into the camera with her tennis ball in her mouth. She looks quite content.

NAME: Penny
BREED: Labrador Retriever + Shar Pei Mix
FAV TREAT: Anything meat or carrots
FAV ACTIVITY: Going anywhere! Say the word go and she is up and ready to boogie.
FAV NAPPING SPOT: She will sleep anywhere as long as she can see her humans. What a sweetie!

Two beautiful portraits of a very unique labrador retriever and shar pei mix breed dog. One portrait is full body while the other is a tighter head and shoulders

Two dogs and one ball in the park playing together stop a moment and take a break. One is looking right into the camera the other has his back turned.

Two dog friends, hanging in the park chasing some ball. They are running side by side and having a fine ole time while their humans stand by and watch them play.

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