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23rd of April

Dove Lewis | Superheroes 2014

Today we get to meet some truly heroic Superheroes! These dogs are heroes because they donate blood that saves other dogs lives on a regular basis. The fine folks and crew over at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, a non-profit  animal hospital here in Portland, held an event to honor and celebrate the life giving contributions that these animals made in 2014.

The event was held at the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company in SE Portland. Their back patio was a perfect location, especially considering that the rain was a coming down most of the afternoon. The beer was flowing, the food was plentiful and the dogs were socializing and having a blast. Now let’s meet some of these wonderful people and their Superhero dogs!

Two lovely Dove Lewis volunteers at the check-in table. The superhero event celebrates the dog blood donors who gave blood in 2014 at Dove Lewis.
Two volunteers work to check-in event participants.

One image shows a lady and her massive Great Dane named Walter. Walter is actually sitting on the bench with paws on the floor. A lady gives her dog a big kiss!
These two women clearly love their adorably LARGE Fur Family members!

People and their dogs gathered on the outdoor patio at the Lucky Lab Pub in SE Portland. Sitting at the picnic tables hoping that they may be a raffle winner.

Guests take in the event and hope they hear their name as a raffle winner!

Staff of Dove Lewis welcome one of the superheroes being honored at the event. Three guests gather to talk and drink yummy craft beer at Luck Lab Pub in Portland
Dove Lewis staff say hello to a superhero. Guests chat and drink the good stuff…beer!
Three staff members of the Dove Lewis Vet Clinic draw names and numbers as winners of the raffle drawing to reward dog blood donors at the clinic in 2014.
Dove Lewis staff pull names and numbers for a raffle drawing.
Giveaway bags are seen being prepared to be handed out. Dog blood donors receive a collar tag showing how many donations they made in 2014. Some donated over 50
Giveway goodie bags and collar tags celebrating dog blood donors.
Two portraits of two beautiful Greyhounds. These two were the #1 superhero blood donors of 2014 with over 50 units donated. Truly remarkable.
These two greyhounds were the #1 Superheroes of 2014 with one donating over 50 units! Remarkable.
A beautiful fur family sits on the patio of the Lucky Lab Pub in SE Portland to celebrate the Superhero blood donors. Chocolate brown Newfoundland.
A couple and their chocolate brown Newfoundland enjoy the day.
A man and his greyhound sit and watch the festivities while a woman and her very skittish Pit Bull sit towards the back so as to remain calm and relaxed.
You can see the love these people have for their superhero dogs!
A woman is seen stepping up to the food table at Lucky Lab Pub on SE Hawthorne. The event is to celebrate the dog who donated blood at Dove Lewis in Portland.
A woman loads up on some tasty food provided by Lucky Lab in SE Portland.

All in all the event was a rousing success and it was so heartening to meet these courageous dogs who go above and beyond in providing life sustaining blood and plasma for other dogs. Consider volunteering at Dove Lewis today, every little bit helps and these fine folks deserve all the help they can get!

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