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17th of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | Outtakes

The 2015 DoveLewis Calendar reveal is coming up quick and before you get your eyes and hands on it in the flesh on Saturday at the 20th Annual Dogtoberfest event I thought I would entice you all with some outtakes from the various shoots we did for this years calendar.  These are not the images that were chosen for the calendar. You will have to pick one up for your self to see the winners! Eleven dogs and three cats participated and we photographed all over Portland and a bit beyond throughout the month of June. So come on in and have a look…

Duncan Lou seen sniffing and running in the park The Fields in downtown Portland. He became famous for his go pro video of his first time at the beach. Viral video star

Squishy the cat has his own blog. He was very chill and loved the camera.

Last year FFP was formally introduced to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital and I was immediately impressed with not only their state of the art facilities, incredibly skilled staff and life saving animal stories, but also by their continual community outreach and their much garnered respect within the city of Portland. I knew I wanted to do some volunteer photography with these guys and at a local event where I had my traveling doggie photo booth set up I got to meet Karli Covington, the event coordinator over at DL. I gave her my card and let her know that I would be interested in donating my photographic services if there was ever any sort of need.

This little cutie was such a great little model. He was tiny and fit into so many fun places. Here we see him peaking through the trees amongst the fallen leaves

Jacob the chihuahua loves looking for his dad. We were shouting Papa Harvey the whole shoot!

Fast forward a couple of months and Karli reaches out to ask me if I would be able to come down to Lucky Lab on SE Hawthorne on an upcoming April Saturday to document their annual Superheroes event honoring blood donor dogs who had gone above and beyond in the previous year. I was delighted to be on hand to meet all of these amazing animals and hear so many stories of other lives saved as a result of their donations. I was really blown away by the charity of not only the animals but of course their humans as well. This is when I realized that DL really does embody the spirit, charity and support that a city like Portland has on offer. Head over to our Superheroes post to see images from that wonderful day.

Boone is a beautiful male yellow lab who was one of the DoveLewis Superheroes, celebrated for making over 30 blood donations in 2013, saving countless dog lives.

Boone is a yellow lab who was one of the DL Superheroes, having donated blood 20 times in 2013.

Soon after I published the images I again had my traveling doggie photo studio out on the town, this time to celebrate the third birthday of one of the finest dog hotel’s in Portland, Sniff Dog Hotel. As people began filing in and dogs began lining up I spotted Karli who told me how happy she was with the images from the Superhero event. That is when she dropped the bomb on me: DL was considering using me to photograph their upcoming 2015 Calendar. I was cool and just nodded and said that would be great, yet all the while my heart was beating out of my chest. I was so excited at the prospect of contributing to what is a pretty big deal around the dog scene here in Portland, the DL annual fundraising calendar!

Summit is a puppy and his puppy exuberance was on full display during our photo shoot. He brought along his sisters who helped him run around. Here he stopped for a quick breather.

Summit is a puppy and SO embodies all of that energy. This is the only time he stood still I think.

In the coming weeks I began emailing back and forth with Shawna Harch, the Communications Specialist at DL. We met for coffee several times at Sniff Dog Cafe and along with graphic designer, Bridget Prendergast we began to formulate the vision we had for the calendar. I was familiar with previous versions of the calendar and wanted to try to branch out from the studio type imagery that had been used in the past. I suggested to Shawna and Bridget that we put Portland front and center in the images. After all DoveLewis is very much rooted in this wonderful city and we could show this connection along with the originality and true love of canines that Portland embodies.

Nivia is a three legged, cancer surviving therapy dog in Portland, OR. Yellow Lab on ambulance gurney.

Nivia is a therapy dog. When I saw this ambulance pull up I just couldn’t resist.

They loved the idea and in fact stated that they too had been thinking the same thing. This would come to be the first of many synchronicities we had throughout the shooting process. Bridget, Shawna and I became a well tuned machine pretty quickly and we were all on the same creativity page almost immediately. In truth without the help of these two fine assistants during the photo sessions things would not have gone as smoothly and the images would not have turned out as amazing as they did. Thank you both for being so flexible, organized and just plain fun!

Duncan Lou seen sniffing and running in the park The Fields in downtown Portland. He became famous for his go pro video of his first time at the beach. Viral video star

Duncan Lou has become somewhat of a celebrity. He is a viral video star (and so much more)!

In the end the calendar exceeded all expectations and I am simply thrilled to have been a part of it. The experience of working with all of the animals and their humans in many different Portland locations will be one of the highlights of my professional pet photography career no doubt and I hope we get to do it all over again next year!

See you all at Octoberfest

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