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26th of September

Niki | Chihuahua

Niki has some trust issues…

As a rescue dog, Niki has been there and done that. Thankfully saved and adopted by her very dedicated human she has learned to love her and only her. All other people, things, situations are highly suspicious and should be avoided. Hiding under the bed is her best bet.

Niki the Chihuahua 2 | © Fur Family Photography

Photographing an animal like this can be somewhat of a challenge, to put it mildly. Throw on top of it all the fact that the very sound of a shutter (even the iphone one) sends her in to fits of anxiety. Her mom wanted the shoot to be quick and as painless as possible so that she wasn’t being hassled or hunted down for photos for hours on end. A couple good solid portraits that they could blow up and put in the living room was the goal. Together the three of us nailed it and in just under 30 minutes of shooting!

Niki sits on her very red couch with her mother. Niki is very skittish and does not like cameras. Her mother was there with a comforting hand to keep her happy.

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