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2nd of November

Sunny | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sunny is one of the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! His moms wanted some photos of him post bath, and some photos of the family out and about. They were most interested in actions shots as opposed to Sunny sitting like a good girl. They fell in love with all the images and I fell in love with a breed of dog that I was previously unfamiliar with!

Sunny was given a bath right before I arrived for our photo shoot. He was so cute all wet and wrapped in his blanket like a burrito I just couldn't help but shoot.

Sunny is just a puppy so he is still best walked on his leash. Here we see him sniffing and wandering in his local community garden. His mom can be seen as well.

Sunny knows how to live life, here we see him stopping to smell the flowers, literally. B&W image of Sunny walking down the street with his two moms.

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