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3rd of December

The Zak Pack | A Tale of Four Dogs

Meeting up to do a dog photography session with these four at the Columbia Childrens’ Arboretum in North Portland was quite the adventure in the making. Wrangling and shooting a whole pack like this was a new experience for me! Luckily, everyone was on their game and we ended up making some amazing images in the late summer evening golden light. Big thanks to their mom Leah for being an excellent assistant/dog wrangler as well. I literally couldn’t have succeeded without all of your help!

Toots the mutt is playing in the fields. His mom is positioned behind the camera and he looks our way in anticipation. He is in the classic play bow.

Chihuahua stands in the dry summer grass in North Portland's Columbia Childrens Arboretum. Backlit seen with beautifully vivid colors. His tongue hangs out.

Killer the Chihuahua seen from behind watching his brother fetch. Toots takes a break from playing to sit in the grass as the sun sets behind him.

Toots the mutt is seen here running across the frame and through the fields at sunset. Beautiful back lighting illuminates the summer grasses and adds a nice glow.

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