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24th of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | The Best

May we present the final images for the 2015 DoveLewis Calendar. The calendar was officially released to the public on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at the 20th annual Dogtoberfest event. This calendar is an annual fundraising project to support DoveLewis who operates as the only non-profit emergency animal hospital in the greater Portland metro area. We here at FFP were honored to be chosen to provide the photography for the 2015 edition of the calendar. Come on in and check out the winning images…
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23rd of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | The Rest

With Dogtoberfest in the books and the 2015 DoveLewis Calendar officially launched it is time to share with you all the other images we created while working on the calendar this year. All of this years models were superb and a big THANK YOU to their humans for being great assistants during the photo shoots. The variety of animals I photographed is a testament to the fun loving nature of Portlanders and I look forward to hopefully doing it all again next year. ENJOY…
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17th of September

DoveLewis 2015 Calendar | Outtakes

The 2015 DoveLewis Calendar reveal is coming up quick and before you get your eyes and hands on it in the flesh on Saturday at the 20th Annual Dogtoberfest event I thought I would entice you all with some outtakes from the various shoots we did for this years calendar.  These are not the images that were chosen for the calendar. You will have to pick one up for your self to see the winners! Eleven dogs and three cats participated and we photographed all over Portland and a bit beyond throughout the month of June. So come on in and have a look…
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5th of September

Jackie | Greyhound

FFP had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful ten year old greyhound back in May of this year. Jackie lost a leg to cancer a couple years ago but that hasn’t held her back one bit. With the support and love of her faithful human Carrie she is healthy and cancer free! And she can still run like the wind…
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23rd of April

Dove Lewis | Superheroes 2014

Today we get to meet some truly heroic Superheroes! These dogs are heroes because they donate blood that saves other dogs lives on a regular basis. The fine folks and crew over at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, a non-profit  animal hospital here in Portland, held an event to honor and celebrate the life giving contributions that these animals made in 2014.

The event was held at the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company in SE Portland. Their back patio was a perfect location, especially considering that the rain was a coming down most of the afternoon. The beer was flowing, the food was plentiful and the dogs were socializing and having a blast. Now let’s meet some of these wonderful people and their Superhero dogs!

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16th of April

Dramatic Instagram Portraits of PDX Homes | Portland Monthly Mag Feature

I relocated to Portland way back in May of 2013 practically site unseen. I had visited for a very brief two day weekend a couple months previously but that really has no way of preparing you for the type of city you are choosing to adopt as a new home. Once I landed here I was eager to get out and about and explore my new town.

As a photographer I tend to look at the world, rather than taste, touch or smell. Creating images as a way to understand my environment is completely natural for me and hence as my exploration of Portland began I often turned to the most tried and true camera I own….the one that is ALWAYS in my pocket. Yes, I started an iPhone Instagram photo project.

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15th of April

Dogs of Portland | Oil (pronounced Earl)

Day 15 of the Dogs of Portland blog finds us playing fetch with a pit bull mix that goes by the name of Earl, though it is spelled Oil. Southern folk it is said tend to pronounce Oil this way and the name fits it’s subject as Earl the pit bull has the demeanor of a good ole boy while being the slick color of oil.

He is a beautiful pit bull mix that loves to play fetch in the parkway that runs down the middle of N. Omaha Ave. in North Portland with his mom. He likes being able to simply run back to his house and lay down in the yard when he is plum tuckered out! And get a load of those muscles…WOAH!
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15th of April

Cats of Portland | Jade

Today we are mixing things up here on the Dogs of Portland blog, we are handing this day over to the felines. Presenting the first installment of Cats of Portland. We are happy to introduce the unusually captivating brown tabby mix named Jade. One look at those eyes and you know exactly where she got her name.

Jade is standing in the very green grass leaning against her fathers blue jeans. She is looking into the camera with those haunting green eyes.
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11th of April

Dogs of Portland | Alex

The end of week 3 of the Dogs of Portland blog took some effort to get completed today. I was out and about strolling and hunting for new dogs to meet and it took me a full hour before I even spotted a dog. This is very unprecedented for me, usually anytime I walk out the door it seems that there is a dog there, and one over there, and another one over in that yard. Luckily the guy I ran into was a very gregarious and very gorgeous Wheaten Terrier named Alex.

Two portraits of Alex the Wheaten Terrier. One is B&W and he is laying in the grass and mostly blends in. The other is color and he is turned and facing the camera
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10th of April

Dogs of Portland | Biggs

Today is laundry day and I have recently realized what a total rip off my apartment complexes laundry facilities are. I am spending on average $13 a week to do laundry for two people. In my opinion that is just too darn much. As a result I have been carting my laundry down to Alpine 24 Hour laundromat on Lombard St. at Vancouver. I get all my laundry done for under $10 plus it gets done much faster because it is all being washed and dried at the same time. It really is mostly enjoyable.

However, since I have begun a new vigorous workout schedule these days I find combining a 50 minute Jillian Michael’s workout followed up by two hours of washing, drying and folding laundry led me to feel a bit lethargic this afternoon. What does all this mean?

Biggs is my neighbor and a right proper model too! He posed so well for the camera and had no problem looking right into the lens. He was a real natural.
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