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26th of September

Niki | Chihuahua

Niki has some trust issues…

As a rescue dog, Niki has been there and done that. Thankfully saved and adopted by her very dedicated human she has learned to love her and only her. All other people, things, situations are highly suspicious and should be avoided. Hiding under the bed is her best bet.

Niki the Chihuahua 2 | © Fur Family Photography
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13th of September

Official Launch Party | October 2013

We are officially opening for business…
and we are having a party to celebrate and YOU all are invited!

And did we mention it is ALL free!

  • October 5th | 12pm-4pm | Sniff Dog Hotel
  • Digital photo booth for you and your mutt(s) Photos emailed on the spot
  • FREE Beer
  • FREE Food
  • Drawings & Giveaways including a complimentary STARTER session from FFP
  • Full pet photography exhibit complete with samples of all our photo products
  • FREE treats, treats and more treats
  • Dog trainers on hand to provide tips & tricks
  • Meet new Fur Friends
  • Take Home Swag Bag
  • And More

We hope to see you there!



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5th of September

Kitty Model 101 | My Fur Family

This is Ezzy and she is part of my personal Fur Family. My partner found her with her litter mates inside of a cardboard box being given away at the Farmers Market in Davis, CA. The litter had been discovered underneath an abandoned city building that was set for demolition. A kind family rescued and cared for them until they were ready to go to good homes. I am so thankful that she has come into our lives. Having just lost my best friend and constant companion Ki only months before she brought joy and happiness back to this animal lovers heart!

Cat Stalking Prey 2 | © Fur Family Photography
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27th of August

Hank and Wally | Pit Bull and Daschund

These two were a real blast to hang out with. While Pit Bull Wally was quite skittish when it came to the camera, his sister, Daschund Hank was anything but. We spent awhile in their backyard playing and making images and in the end everyone was happy….and very, very tired! Pet modeling is not easy work after all.

Motion shot of Hank on her red bricked outdoor backyard patio. Her name tag that says Hank can be seen hanging from her collar.
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7th of August

Rupert and Mojo | Boston Terrier Brothers

Rupert & Mojo are six year old Boston Terrier brothers who really like to rip it up when they hit the local park. Squirrel chasing is just one amongst their favorite outdoor activities. Their dads wanted me to photograph and capture them together and show them participating in their favorite pastimes. Mission Accomplished!

Boston Terrier and Squirrels | © Fur Family Photography
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