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Here is where you will find the nitty gritty of what we do…make amazing images of your Fur Family!


A very tight shot of Niki the Chihuahua sitting on a deep red couch. She looks directly into the camera with eyes that show a bit of trepidation and fear.Each and every photo session we do includes all the time, talent and ten plus years of photographic experience that Michele brings to the table. We also try to include a nice variety of shots from each session so that we can ensure that every side of your fur kids personality is preserved forever. Dive deeper with the info we have below to get a sense of what is on offer then hit that Contact Us button and send us a note. We will quickly follow up with you via phone to schedule a time for an in person consultation to discuss your options further and help you to formulate the vision you desire for your privately commissioned photo shoot.

When we meet for the consultation we will delve deeper into what it is you are hoping to capture and achieve with the photo session and the photo products. I will ask a series of questions that are designed to help me get to know your fur families true personalities and what it is that makes them so special in your lives. I will also have on hand several samples of the professional photo products that we offer here at FFP.

As a full service boutique photo business we make providing high end photo products our absolute priority. We work closely with our vendors to ensure that the photo products you decide to display in your world are absolutely flawless and best reflect the love and connection you have with your Fur Family. Our full price lists will be provided to you during the consultation so you can begin to make plans for the product ordering session. We don’t want there to be any surprises when it comes time to order stunning photo products from us so we let you know right up front what we have available and what that pricing will look like. We do offer both a la carte pricing as well as studio collections that bring together some of our most popular photo products.

Once we have chatted and discussed the perfect date and location for your session we will ask you to remit payment for the session. If payment is not made at the time of the consultation no dates or times can be guaranteed.



Cupcake the Bulldog on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Black and white image with cupcake in the left third of image with the water and waves receding beside him.


the works

Our philosophy at Fur Family Photography when it comes to photography sessions is that you just cant put a time limit on it. We are here to give you the most memorable images you will ever have of your beloved fur kids and we won’t stop until we have done that. We also know that some animals aren’t as receptive to long outings or intense interactions and as such their shoots may be only 30 minutes. Regardless, the images will touch your heart. And in the end the camera does it’s thing in 1/250 of a sec! Average photo shoot is 60-80 minutes. Two animals are included in the session price, more are welcome to join in at $35 additional per fur kid.

Ki is standing in the receding ocean waters with a yellow flower laid at her feet. She is staring out at the ocean as if in contemplation. We are saying goodbye


the heart

One of the hardest things to accept as a pet lover is how few years we really get to spend together. Our Senior Session is for those pets that are nearing the end of their days and waiting until the next standard booking availability may not be an option. Contact us today and we will ensure that we schedule a shorter shoot with your beloved pet within the next two weeks! This session is for a single pet only.

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My office is the whole of Portland and all it has to offer! We can schedule shoots in your home, the favorite outdoor play space of your furry family member or I would be happy to suggest a location. All pricing includes travel within 25 miles of Portland, OR. Photo sessions may be booked for locations outside this radius with an additional travel fee. Call or email and I can get you a custom quote!

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*Rates and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice. Digital files/photo products are not included in session fees.