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Who is Fur Family Photography? Well, that would be me! My name is Michele Rider and I am here to make amazing photographs of all the animals you love in life!


RiderHSThe day I was born my parents brought me home, unwrapped all the blankets and laid me naked as a jay bird right down onto the floor where our one year old Great Dane, Tonya, could sniff me up and down. She was my second mommy from that day forward. You would be hard pressed to find a single baby picture of me where that gentle giant of a dog was not watching over me. I have literally been in love with dogs since the day I was born and that love has not diminished one bit.

My second love came along when I was just five years old. I accompanied my mom to a retail store where I watched in awe and wonder as she picked out a 35mm camera for my dad for Christmas. The look and feel of all of the photographic equipment that the salesman spread out upon the glass countertops had me smitten. I spent many hours sneaking into my fathers bedroom to touch and play with his new toy. It took over a decade of asking before he eventually relented and let me have it!

I grew up in Southern California and my passion for the outdoors lead me to study Outdoor Recreation at CSULB, graduating in 1994. I moved to Ireland for a year after that to experience a new culture and continent. When I came back to the states I was off to Colorado to explore one of the best outdoor lifestyle states in the country! After 7 years there I decided that I wanted to go back to school and I knew just what I wanted to do…photography!

I attended Brooks Institute of Photography from 2003-2005 and learned more in those two years than I could have ever self taught in a decade! Armed with confidence, ability and talent I branched out into the world of professional photography. It is my dream job, my passion and my pleasure to be able to make a living doing what I love, documenting life through the lens! I moved to Portland, Oregon in May of 2013.

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A 1970's household in the front room. A dad, Deryl Rider lounges in an armchair with a cute baby, Michele Rider while a great dane, Tonya lays under the dads legs on the floor.


first love

Great Danes are just one of the sweetest, most gentle breeds out there! As a child Tonya made a wonderful playmate, pillow and all around best friend. There is not a childhood picture of me that doesn’t have that dog in it. I was nine when she left us and I still vividly remember that night. Thank you Tonya for teaching me about unconditional love, true friendship and how precious every moment is!

Sunset image of Michele Rider, owner and photographer of Fur Family Photography in Portland, Oregon with her chocolate lab Ki at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA USA


constant companion

Ki came into my life in 1998. A full blooded chocolate lab that topped out at 108lbs., Ki was my constant companion for 13 straight years. We lived in Colorado, Orange County, Santa Barbara and finally San Francisco. She was with me during my working days and always encouraged me to get out on to the trail and into the water on the weekends. I said goodbye to Ki on May 5, 2012 and life just hasn’t been the same since. Crying now…

Black and white image, head and shoulders of a cat in a backyard garden. She is squatting while looking up and searching out prey. Professional Cat Photography


kitty extraordinaire

Ezzy, who’s full name is Dutchess Esmerelda of Yolo County (my partner named her), is the newest member of my Fur Family. She has taken on the role of kitty model with gusto. She wears a harness and goes out on a leash, though I suspect she is just tolerating it. She loves being a raw food eater and here in Portland has found many kindred spirits. She is not yet one year old but has already become one of my great animal loves. Plus she is just so darn cute!


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